The Community Garden was established in 2012.

[1] Health Awareness Campaign and healthy eating practices.

[2] to harvest enough vegetables in late summer and fall for the community.

[3] to provide excellent learning experiences for our younger members of the community.

A few photos:
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The PHCA has been fortunate to receive grants from The Country Garden Club [Mary Harman, Steven Kramer and Stephanie Serda from PHCA, and Peggy Casey] and the Perrysburg Garden Club [Ruth Altenater with Steven and Stephanie].

cgc 3-25-12

PGC 3-25-12

The PHCA Community Garden is 2,800 square foot area [approximately 36 feet by 70 feet].  First year plantings included: tomatoes, three kinds of sweet peppers, four kinds of hot peppers, cucumbers, butternut squash, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, peas, lettuce, herbs, “Amy” melons, and onions.  Community resident Jason Craig coordinated volunteers and distribution of our produce.

Our Community Garden was featured in the June 2nd Toledo Blade newspaper.  Click here to see it.


                    The Rain Water Collection and Delivery System
In the spring of 2013 we designed and installed a rain water collection and delivery system at the rear of our gymnasium.  There are six large water tanks collecting rain water from our rather large roof.  The rain water is delivered by a series of hoses, couplings and a pump to multiple hoses in the garden to help with the watering while decreasing on our water bill.  We were fortunate to again receive grants from the Country Garden Club and Perrysburg Garden Club.  We sincerely thank the garden clubs for their continuing support of our garden.  Some photos follow:




Because a large part of our mission is helping kids in math and science, we offered prizes to anyone who could solve a set of math questions.  One such question [after providing all dimensions, how many gallons in one cubic foot, and how much rain falls on the roof] is:

How many gallons could fit into one full rain water collection tank?

For a complete list of the seven problems, click below:
Math Problems – Rain Water System.