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PHCA is very thankful for the many individuals who have committed years of their time to help establish and sustain the vision, dream and goals of PHCA; including many of the early family members who created the first civic organization.

“Never Doubt that a small group of Thoughtful Committed Citizens CAN CHANGE THE WORLD; Indeed it’s the Only Thing that ever has”. ~ Margaret Mead

We have 5 committees that are run by the board. Committee meetings are open to the public.

1) Education/Programs: [Meeting: 2nd Monday of the Month]

Establishes the curriculum for the after school tutoring and mentoring programs and also organizes the programs offered to the youth, parents and senior citizens of the community.  There are many collaborations to bring free services to the members.

2) Fundraising:  [Meeting:  1st Monday of the Month]

Develops on-going fundraising projects and events to raise funds to pay for the programs and operating expenses of the Center.

3) Festival:  [Meeting:  1st Monday of the Month]

Also a fundraising project; this committee plans the annual Mexican American Festival; Which brings the everyone together to experience a day of fun activities, music, and dancing.

4) Finance:  [Meeting:  2nd Tuesday of the Month]

The key members are the executive board members of PHCA but this committee is open to anyone who would like to offer their skill set in finance and budgeting to help strengthen the structural operations of the facility.

5) Neighborhood Beautification & Safety:  [Meeting:  3rd Tuesday of the Month]

Is designed to develop service projects to benefit the residents of Perrysburg Heights, working closely with local goverment entities that provide services to both the Township and City residents of Perrysburg.


Meet the Board of Trustees


 Jesse Spier1
Jesse Spier, President

Jesse Spier is the Founder & President of the Toledo Sport and Social Club, LLC.  Jesse joined the PHCA Board in September 2012 with an eagerness to help the facility and the community. 


Chico Martinez
Chico Martinez, Vice President

Chico served for 20 years in the Michigan Army National Guard, and 20 years as an Instructional Assistant for Adrian public school system.  He organized the Adrian, Michigan Cinco de Mayo Parade and festival for 12 years.  He started his role on the board in June 2012.  He is on the Finance and Festival Committees.


Leticia Costilla, Secretary 




Jason Craig, Treasurer
& Director of Operations

Jason is a resident and investor in the Perrysburg Heights community.  He is the Chairperson of the Beautification & Safety and Finance Committees, and in June 2012, started his role as board member and Treasurer.  Jason is founder of the C.dude Investments and organizes charity events through his website.


Mary Ruiz
Mary Ruiz, Co-Treasurer

Mary has been a trustee with PHCA since 1998.  She is semi-retired.  She served as Secretary for five years, and has been co-Treasurer since July 2013. Mary is also a member of the Fundraising and Festival Committees.

Kristie Koester, Historian


Steven Kramer, Trustee



Michael Kruse, Trustee



Teresa Martinez, Trustee